Engelsk science fictionnovelltävling för ej tidigare publicerade författare

Nyss när jag surfade runt i cyberrymden, letande efter novelltävlingar 2016 så hittade jag James White Award och tänkte att den kanske kunde vara intressant för någon av besökarna på min blogg.

Så här står det:

The James White Award is an annual short story competition open to non-professional writers with the winner chosen by a panel of judges made up of professional authors and editors. Stories entered into the competition must be original and previously unpublished. Entry is free.

The James White Award was instituted to honour the memory of one of Ireland’s most successful science fiction authors, James White. To learn more about James White and his writing, visit http://www.sectorgeneral.com.

The winner of 2015 award was announced at Dysprosium, Eastercon, in London. The winner of the £200 first prize was “Midnight Funk Association” by Mack Leonard, which was published in Interzone no. 259. The judges were Dave Hutchinson, Stephanie Saulter and Gareth L Powell.

The 2016 James White Award close to entries at midnight (GMT) on Sunday, 24 January. The winner will be announced at Mancunicon, this year’s Eastercon, being held at the Hilton Deansgate, Manchester, 25-28 March 2016.

We hope to announce our shortlist in early March.

Before entering, please read the rules of the competition (you can find them here). The James White Award now only accepts online submissions.

The prize for this year’s competition is £200 plus publication in Interzone – the UK’s leading sf magazine. The James White Award is supported by BSFA and TTA Press, the publishers of Interzone.

Reglerna hittar du här:

This aim of the competition is to highlight new writers. It is open to writers of any age and nationality, but it is not open to professional authors.
Stories must be in English and must be less than 6,000 words in length. Stories over 6,000 words will be disqualified.
Each author is allowed to enter one story per year. Authors who attempt to submit more than one story will have all their entries disqualified.
Each story must be accompanied by a completed entry form.
The competition is free to enter but we encourage authors (and others) to support the competition by making a donation, if they can.
For the purposes of this competition a “professional author” is defined as one who is eligible for active membership of the Science Fiction Writers of America – that is a writer with three short story sales to qualifying markets or one novel sale to a qualifying market.
The date on which this assessment is made is the closing date of the competition – not when the submission is made.
A full list of qualifying markets can be found at the SFWA website. We make one addition to that list, which is Interzone.

Your story

Submissions must be original – they should be the sole work of the author/s in whose name they are submitted – and should not have previously appeared in any publication or be under consideration for publication elsewhere – in any language or format.
Stories should be Science Fiction (though we will take a broad definition of what that term means).
Stories may not have been entered in The James White Award in any previous year.
Stories may not feature characters/locations/ etc. that are part of other copyrighted works – i.e. nothing set in the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Dr Who, etc.

Complete the form

Online entries must be accompanied by a completed online form. See the “How to Enter” page.

Formatting your manuscript

If you are sending a printed copy, please print on one side of the paper only, double space the text, leave a sensible margin around the text on all sides (approx. 2.5cm) and indent the first line of each paragraph.
More advice on sensible manuscript formatting can be found on our writers’ guidelines page.
Your name should only appear on the entry form.
Do not put your name anywhere on your manuscript.
The James White Award is judged anonymously, only the administrator knows the identity of a story’s author.
Each page of the story should have a header containing the story title and page number. The author’s name should NOT appear on the page header.
Please end your story with ‘The End’.


The closing date for submissions is midnight (GMT) on Sunday, January 24, 2016.
The competition administrator reserves the right to disqualify a story should it fail to meet any of the above criteria. However, the administrator may, at his or her discretion, offer the opportunity for the author to re-submit a story.
Shortlisted authors will be informed when the shortlist has been agreed.
When the shortlist has been agreed a statement will be made on this website. Stories that have not been successfully shortlisted should then be considered released for submission elsewhere.
We aim to make the announcement of this year’s shortlist in March 2016 – but the exact date may vary depending on the number and quality of entries. Entrants should check the “News” page on the website for more details.
This year’s James White Award will be presented at Eastercon 2016 as part of the BSFA Awards ceremony. Entrants are welcome to attend the award ceremony if they wish (success in the competition is not contingent on being a member of the convention), but travel to the ceremony and any costs incurred are the sole responsibility of entrants.
The competition administrator reserves the right to refuse to accept or disqualify any submission: in such a case, the administrator will inform the author as soon as possible, giving the reason for refusal or disqualification.
The award adminstrator and the judges will not enter into correspondence on stories. They cannot offer critiques of stories or advice on how to get published.
The decisions of the judges are final.
The judges may decide not to award any prize if, in their opinion, there is no entrant of sufficient quality.
After the competition has ended, details of the winning entry will be published on the website.
Any tax liability resulting from the prize is the sole responsibility of the winner.
We regret that manuscripts cannot be returned after the judging. Please keep a copy.

If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, please use “Contact Us” page for further information on how to contact the awards administrator.


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4 reaktioner på ”Engelsk science fictionnovelltävling för ej tidigare publicerade författare

  1. Give it a go, maybe? Tempting but a bit hard to come up wi a sci-fi plot and story. Oi just think aboot E.T kind of stuff.
    So what else than E.T can ya write aboot? What defines sci-fi? Is it only future stuff wi space ships and yodas? 🙂

    • Science fiction är egentligen en ganska bred genre, med massor av subgenrer som till exempel steampunk. Jag skrev en uppsats om science fiction för en del år sedan och en av de personer jag citerade menade att bra science fiction alltid handlar om samtiden även om det utspelar sig i framtiden. Eller som jag föredrar att tänka det: science fiction handlar om att ta en tendens i dagens samhälle och fundera vilka konsekvenserna om utvecklingen fortsätter i samma riktning skulle kunna bli i framtiden. Två klassiska exempel på det är Orwells ”1984” och Philip K. Dicks ”Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”? Mycket av den ungdomslitteratur som ges ut idag är science fiction till exempel Suzanne Collins ”Hungerspelen” och Veronica Roths ”Divergent”.
      Så det behöver inte vara rymdskepp eller utomjordingar med, och även om mycket som skrivs idag är dystopier så behöver det inte vara det heller (skulle faktiskt gärna se lite mer utopier faktiskt för det behövs nya visioner för framtiden).
      Det behöver inte heller utspela sig så långt in i framtiden. Jag skulle nog vilja klassificera ”Jurassic Park” och dess uppföljare som science fiction eftersom inga dinosaurier har klampat runt här på jorden på 65 miljoner år.
      Som barn läste jag Asimovs Stiftelsetrilogi. Här handlar det om en avlägsen framtid där rymdfärder är vardagsmat och imperierna avlöser varandra ute i kosmos. Han skrev ytterligare två böcker senare, men de nådde aldrig riktigt upp till de tre första.
      Så science fiction är som sagt en mycket bred genre. Jag tror att du kan få till en bra novell! 🙂

  2. Glöm inte bort att använda din humor i novellen!! Den är alltid så mitt i prick! Rolig, igenkännande och samtidigt kärleksfull. Jag håller tummarna för dig! 🙂


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