Engelsk novelltävling

Ahrvid Engholm på SKRIVA-listan har även tipsat om den här engelska novelltävlingen:

Each story must be no more than 5,000 words (not including the title)
The theme is the future of reading, writing, publishing and bookselling
Entries must be emailed as a word.doc or TextEdit attachment to anna@thepigeonhole.com, along with the entrant’s name and a short biography in the body of the covering email
The competition is open to writers all over the world, though entrants must be 18 or over at the time of submission.
Entries must be written in English and only original, unpublished work will be accepted
Closing date midnight 30th October 2018 and all entrants will be informed of our decision before the 19th of November
The Pigeonhole will not be held responsible for any libellous material included in any entry
Judges are unable to provide feedback on rejected submissions

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Amazing Stories

Ahrvid på Skrivalistan lämnar även detta tips:

Amazing Stories, enligt många världens äldsta sf-tidskrift (startad 1926 av den ilustre Hugo BGernsback, som en tid även utgav tidskriften Sexology…) tar nu emot novellbidrag. Under en tid har Amazing bara funnits som en iofs fyllig och välgjord website, men efter en crowdfunding-kampanj skall man ånyo utkomma i tryck, kvartalsvis.
Och sedan 23 april tar man emot novellbidrag. Kolla runt på:


Exakt var och hur man skickar in bidrag får jag inte snurr på just nu, utan man får undersöka siten. Jag skickade in ett bidrag för ett par dagar sedan och jag tror att man först måste registrera sig som användare av Amazing-siten (vilket är gratis) för att få upp själva submission-sidan. Och på en annan sida står felaktigt att man inte tar emot novellbidrag.
Noveller skall förstås vara på engelska, mellan 1000 och 10 000 ”ord” (dvs 6000-60 000 tkn). Texten i ordbehandlarformat skall vara avidentifierad (vilket är bra eftersom det avslöjats att manliga bidragsgivare diskrimineras hos många amerikanska novellpublicister). Och man kan bara skicka in via deras särskilda formulärsida. Men, generellt är nog chansen att få med en novell mycket liten, bara så ni vet. Betalning är 6 cent/ord (vilket jag får till ca 9 öre/tkn).
På Hugo Gernsbacks tid var betalningen 0 cent/ord, såvida man inte stämde honom. Sägs det.


Futurescapes Writing Contest

För den som kan tänka sig att skriva på engelska har Futurescape en novelltävling.
Temat är ”Blue Sky Cities”. Novellen ska utspela sig i en nära framtid.

Så här står det bland annat på hemsidan:

For 2017, the Futurescapes Contest theme is “Blue Sky Cities.” We’re seeking stories set in a near-future city where significant strides have been made toward improving air quality, climate adaptation, or even net positive impacts on climate and air quality.
We want to see your vivid ideas and concepts, but don’t forget the basics of story: strong voice, compelling characters driven by real desires, facing serious obstacles that sum to an engaging plot and story.
You need not paint us a utopia – we don’t really believe in those. We believe that at any given time, depending on individual perspective, every city has dystopian and utopian aspects. The key is to show us a solution, but don’t strip it of realistic political, scientific, or logistical obstacles, and don’t neglect the possibility and ramifications of unintended consequences from even the best solution.

1. Works of short fiction up to 8,000 words, written in accordance with this year’s theme.
2. Compelling stories that explore the nuance of technology, science, politics, and/or policy, without forgetting about plot and character!
3. Stories that show us both the positives and negatives of this possible future.
4. Stories that can provide a road-map for cities, states, and nations to follow.
5. Stories that may be built in a rich and full world, but that manage to show us the reality of a single city, neighborhood, and/or life.
6. Stories worthy of the $2,000 prize for first place, and $500 prize to each of the five runners-up.
7. Stories that, when placed in the hands of a mayor or governor, could change the course of the future.

Deadline: 13 oktober 2017.

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Jag tackar Ahrvid Engholm på SKRIVA-listan för tipset!

Irländsk novelltävling Words by Water

Följande irländska novelltävling fick jag reda på genom min skrivarkollega Penazza https://penazzas.wordpress.com.

Så här står det bland annat på Words by Waters hemsida:

Terms and Conditions.

This is an open competition for a short story on any subject matter.

The competition is open to people of 16 years and older.

Competition is open internationally.

1st Prize is €250 plus publication in the Evening Echo.

Entries must be in English.

Entries must be no more than 2,000 words in length. Longer entries will not be permitted and will be automatically rejected

Entries must be the original work of the author and must not have been previously published either in writing or electronically. Entries which have received awards in other competitions are also ineligible.

Entries should be submitted as an attachment by email to wordsbywater@gmail.com. Hard copies will not be admissible.

The author’s name and details should only appear on the accompanying e-mail. Please ensure that the title is clearly marked at the top of the entry and each page thereafter. The author’s name must NOT appear on the entry submitted, only on the e-mail accompanying the piece.

Entries will be accepted between May 1 and August 31, 2017. Entries received after this date will not be considered.

The judge’s decision is final and Kinsale Literary Festival will not enter into correspondence concerning the judging or merits awarded. The onus is on the author to ensure that their entry complies with the rules of the competition

Entries should be submitted electronically only, by email to wordsbywater@gmail.com. Hard copies will not be admissible.

Shortlisted writers will be invited to attend the award ceremony on Thursday October 5, 2017, however all expenses incurred will be the writer’s own.

While copyright of the short story will remain with the author, Kinsale Literary Festival reserves the right to arrange the first publication and broadcast of the selected works. The right to use the stories to further publicise this award is also retained by Kinsale Literary Festival. The winning author will agree to have their photograph taken and used for publicity purposes by Kinsale Literary Festival

The entry fee of €12 must be paid via our online payment system, using the entrant’s name as the reference.


Science Fiction Short Story Competition

Ahrvid Engholm på SKRIVA-listan tipsade nyligen även om en norsk novelltävling med science fiction-tema: ”All Border Are Temporary”.

Så här står det på hemsidan för novelltävlingen:

Borders have always been a central political problem. Discussions of national and territorial boundaries, ethnic geo-rootedness, many kinds of -exits, mark our news feeds. Digital border crossings challenge and hack into political manipulations as well as offer new possibilities of techno-cosmopolitanism and even of new possibilities in egalitarian social identity. Geopolitical borders often overlap with other kinds of borders such as socioeconomic borders, racial borders, and borders framing sexual identity.

The theme is dedicated to thresholds and borders, as well as new frontiers and new beginnings. In his essay «The race for space» Duke Ellington states that a society using its power to suppress its minorities never will achieve greatness. Our future is at stake, and we must explore possibilities in alternative futures, where borders can be and are transgressed.

Our aim in this competition is to promote the movement of science fiction works that, as a concept and as an artefact of the social, offer new possibilities in border crossings.

We would especially welcome work from authors from regions which, while making a mark especially in recent years in literary avenues, continue to be numerically under-represented in the global science fiction space. Such regions would include for instance the Nordic region, the Arab world, Africa, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Central and South America. The competition is however border free, and is open to all internationally.

Entries need to be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. Stories need to range from 3000-3500 words, and should preferably be in English. Stories in other languages are equally welcome but they must be accompanied by an English translation. Story and cover letter must be submitted electronically in doc or rtf format. Only one entry per person is allowed.

Up to seven stories will be selected and competition winners will be published in a special themed volume (ISBN registered) in Spring 2018 and will be given a one-time award of NOK6000/~US$700. The deadline for entries is 1st September 2017.

Entries can be sent to the editor, Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay at allbordersaretemporary@gmail.com

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Margaret Atwood har skrivtävling på Wattpad

Margaret Atwood har en skrivtävling på Wattpad. Vad jag förstår det som så ska en läsa ett synopsis av hennes grafiska roman ”Angel Catbird” och skriva en fortsättning.
Deadline: 27 mars. Varje vecka utses en vinnare som får ett signerat exemplar, men den stora deadlinen är den 27 mars.

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OBS! Du måste vara medlem för att kunna delta i tävlingen, men det är enkelt och kostar inget.

N3F:s novelltävling

Ahrvid Engholm på SKRIVA-listan tipsar om att N3F har en novelltävling.

Informationen ser ut som följer:

2016 N3F Amateur Short Story Contest

Story Contest Rules and Entry Blank

Now and then, it has been suggested to open the N3F Amateur Short Story Contest to professional writers, writers who have had one or two sales. I’ve never favored this. It is my opinion that we want new blood. We want to reward the new kids on the block. To be blunt, we want writing that is not that good. We want stories from people who don’t know their object from their subject, who don’t know where commas go, and who use apostrophes to denote plurals — but who have a story to tell. I want stories from guys nobody’s ever heard of…but in the years ahead, we will. Those who are already successful don’t need the encouragement of our little contest. If they were to enter the contest, the danger is that they’d win, every time, and crowd out the promising newcomer.

1. This contest is open to all amateur writers in the field, regardless of whether they’re members of the National Fantasy Fan Federation. For the purposes of this contest, we define an amateur as someone who has sold no more than two (2) stories to professional science fiction or fantasy publications.

2. Stories entered in the contest must be original, unpublished, not longer than 8,500 words in length—and must be related to the science fiction, fantasy, or similar genres in the opinion of the judge.

3. Email attachments of Word documents are acceptable for submission. Manuscripts on paper should be typed, single sided on 8 1/2″-by- 11″ white paper, double spaced, with pages numbered. The name of the author should not appear anywhere on the manuscript to ensure impartial judging. Photocopies are acceptable, if they are of good quality. Computer printouts must be legible.

4. Contestants can enter up to three stories. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) if you would like your story returned at the end of the contest. Stories will not be returned without an SASE. Do not send your only copy in case of accidental loss. We are not responsible for lost manuscripts.

5. Email entries will be accepted. Send to Jefferson P. Swycaffer at abontides@gmail.com. No guarantee can be made of email receipt. Privacy and property rights will be absolutely respected. No one other than the Short Story Judge will ever see the submission.

6. There are no entry fees.

7. Cash prizes totaling $100 will be awarded as follows: First prize is $50, second $30, and third $20. Honorable mentions and semi-finalists will receive a certificate of award.

8. Send all manuscripts to the contest manager: Jefferson Swycaffer, P. O. Box 15373, San Diego, CA 92175-5373; abontides@gmail.com. Emails with the story attached in word format are preferred. Paper manuscripts are acceptable. All entries must be received or postmarked no later than Dec. 31, 2016.

9. The Short Story Judge is a published science fiction professional, and also a loving fan of the sf and fantasy genres. All comments and critiques are solely the Short Story Judge’s opinion, but he promises to be constructive and polite.

10. The NSF may want to publish an electronic book including top entries from one or more years of publication. You will not be contacted about this until after the contest is over and prizes have been awarded. If we want to publish your story, you will have to sign over to us first world serial rights. Your willingness to do sign over rights cannot affect whether or not you win the contest. Royalties will be divided evenly between all contest writers once publishing costs are covered. Winners will be notified as soon as the judging is completed. Announcements and notifications of winning entries will be made in March 2016. Please take your time and submit your best work. You can resubmit stories previously entered. All entries will be kept confidential and will be judged fairly and anonymously. The deadline for all entries is Dec. 31, 2015. Good luck!
Please supply on a separate page the following information as your entry form.

Title of story (for identification):
Author’s name and address:
Author’s email address:
I have read the above rules for the 2016 N3F Amateur Short Story Contest, and I agree to them.
Date: ________________________________________________________________________
Mail to: Jefferson Swycaffer, P. O. Box 15373, San Diego, CA 92175-5373 ; or email abontides@gmail.com


Mer info gå till följande sidan:

Långnovelltävling på tor.com

Ahrvid på SKRIVA-listan tipsar om en fantasynovelltävling på tor.com.

Så här står det bland annat på sidan:

From October 12 at 9:00 AM EDT (UTC-4:00) until January 12 at 9:00 AM EST (UTC-5:00), Tor.com will only be considering novellas of between 20,000 and 40,000 words that fit the epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, high fantasy, or quest fantasy genres, whether set on Earth or on an original fantasy world. However, we will only be considering novellas that inhabit worlds that are not modeled on European cultures. We are seeking worlds that take their influences from Africa, Asia, the indigenous Americas, or any diasporic culture from one of those sources. To qualify, novellas should center the experiences of characters from non-European-inspired cultures.

Both Lee Harris and Carl Engle-Laird actively request submissions from writers from underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited to, writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class and physical or mental ability. We believe that good science fiction and fantasy reflects the incredible diversity and potential of the human species, and hope our catalog will reflect that.

If you have a novella you want to submit that doesn’t fit these parameters, don’t give up hope. Our plan is to rotate which genre we’re soliciting periodically, so check back here and on our submissions guideline page regularly. Once we’ve worked our way through these submissions, we’ll re-open for a different genre. Please don’t ask us what genre we’ll be moving to—we’ll be deciding that closer to the time.


Tor.com does not accept works that have been previously published elsewhere, in any venue. This includes all forms of digital self-publishing.

We do not accept works that are not identifiable as fantasy or science fiction, or do not fit the genre we are currently soliciting. This includes, but is not limited to, non-science-fictional thrillers, and all kinds of non-fiction and memoirs.

We are not currently interested in tie-in fiction. This includes fiction that exists within worlds established in previously published novels, or that relies upon a knowledge of previously published novels.

We do not accept multiple submissions. If you have more than one novella, you may only submit one at a time. You may submit another once we have responded to your first submission.

We prefer that you not simultaneously submit your story to Tor.com and other venues. If you do, however, and your novella is accepted by a different venue, please immediately withdraw your submission from Tor.com

What we pay: We offer an advance against royalties, the size of which will depend on a number of factors, including you, the length of your story and how commercial we think it is. We also offer a royalty-only option, but if we decide to make you an offer, you will be free to choose between the two.

What rights does that give you? Our contract covers the right to publish the story in print, audio and ebook formats, worldwide, in English. Most of our print books will be published as p.o.d., though we may choose to publish other print editions.


Please submit your novellas through the form at http://submissions.tor.com/tornovellas. Once you’ve registered there you can also use that portal to check the status of your submission.

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Tor.com Submissions Guidelines