Tidningen Skriva har kortnovelltävling med tema Fabriken

Tidningen Skriva har som vanligt en novelltävling den här månaden. Den här gången är temat ”Fabriken”.

Max 4000 tecken inklusive mellanslag.
Deadline: 8 maj 2018.

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Irländsk novelltävling Words by Water

Följande irländska novelltävling fick jag reda på genom min skrivarkollega Penazza https://penazzas.wordpress.com.

Så här står det bland annat på Words by Waters hemsida:

Terms and Conditions.

This is an open competition for a short story on any subject matter.

The competition is open to people of 16 years and older.

Competition is open internationally.

1st Prize is €250 plus publication in the Evening Echo.

Entries must be in English.

Entries must be no more than 2,000 words in length. Longer entries will not be permitted and will be automatically rejected

Entries must be the original work of the author and must not have been previously published either in writing or electronically. Entries which have received awards in other competitions are also ineligible.

Entries should be submitted as an attachment by email to wordsbywater@gmail.com. Hard copies will not be admissible.

The author’s name and details should only appear on the accompanying e-mail. Please ensure that the title is clearly marked at the top of the entry and each page thereafter. The author’s name must NOT appear on the entry submitted, only on the e-mail accompanying the piece.

Entries will be accepted between May 1 and August 31, 2017. Entries received after this date will not be considered.

The judge’s decision is final and Kinsale Literary Festival will not enter into correspondence concerning the judging or merits awarded. The onus is on the author to ensure that their entry complies with the rules of the competition

Entries should be submitted electronically only, by email to wordsbywater@gmail.com. Hard copies will not be admissible.

Shortlisted writers will be invited to attend the award ceremony on Thursday October 5, 2017, however all expenses incurred will be the writer’s own.

While copyright of the short story will remain with the author, Kinsale Literary Festival reserves the right to arrange the first publication and broadcast of the selected works. The right to use the stories to further publicise this award is also retained by Kinsale Literary Festival. The winning author will agree to have their photograph taken and used for publicity purposes by Kinsale Literary Festival

The entry fee of €12 must be paid via our online payment system, using the entrant’s name as the reference.


Tidningen Skrivas tävlingar har deadline imorgon 8 mars

Jag hinner sällan uppdatera sidan för tillfället så jag missar en och annan novell-och skrivtävling numera.
I alla fall så har Tidningen Skrivas novell-och bildtävling deadline imorgon 8:e mars.

Novelltävlingen har temat: Blodet.
Max: 4000 tecken inkl mellanslag.
Deadline: 8 mars 2017.
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Skriv inledningen på en historia. Max 125 ord.
Deadline: 8 mars 2017.
Bildtävlingen hittar du här:

Akademibokhandeln har kortnovelltävling

Akademibokhandeln har en kortnovelltävling som går ut på att man ska skriva en novell för hand, fotografera eller scanna in den och sedan mejla in sitt bidrag!
Om man så vill eller kan så får man även gärna illustrera novellen (på samma sida)!

Deadline är den 21 februari 2017.

Bidrag ska mejlas till: tavling[at]akademibokhandeln.se

Eller skickas i brev till: Akademibokhandeln AB, Novelltävling Box 2100, 10313 Stockholm

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